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Avi is a given name, almost always masculine, often a diminutive of Avram, Avraham, etc.

People with the given name include: Avi Arad, Israeli-American businessman, founder, chairman and CEO of Marvel Studios Avi Avital, Israeli mandolin player and composer Avi Beker, Israel-American political scientist Avi Bell, Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law and Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law Avi Cohen, Israeli footballer Avi Cohen, Israeli former footballer Avi Dichter, Israeli politician, former Minister of Internal Security, Minister of Home Front Defense and Shin Bet director Avi Gabai, Israeli politician, former Minister of Environmental Protection Avi Ivgi, Israeli football goalkeeper Avi Kornick, Israeli actor Avi Kaplan, American-Jewish a capella singer and songwriter Avi Lerner, American-Israeli film producer Avi Lewis, Canadian documentary filmmaker and former TV host Avi Nesher, Israeli film producer, director, screenwriter and actor Avi Nimni, Israeli former footballer Avi Pazner, Israeli retired diplomat Avi Peretz, Israeli former footballer Avi Peretz, Israeli singer in Mizrahi music tradition Avi Ran, Israeli footballer Avi Rikan, Israeli footballer Avi Rubin, American computer scientist and expert in systems and networking security Avi Sagild, Danish film actress Avi Shlaim, Israeli-British professor and historian Avi Soffer, Israeli footballer Avi Strool, Israeli retired footballer Avi Tikva, Israeli former footballer Avi Toledano, Israeli singer and songwriter, runner-up in the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest Avi Wallerstein, Canadian ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon, co-founder of LASIK MD Avi Weiss, American rabbi, author, teacher, lecturer and activist Avi Wigderson, Israeli mathematician and computer scientist Avi Wortzman, Israeli politician, former Deputy Minister of Education Avi Yehezkel, Israeli former politician Avi Yehiel, Israeli footballer

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