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John Connolly Quotes

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John Connolly may refer to: John Connolly, Irish author whose best-known novels revolve around former policeman Charlie Parker John Connolly, Irish-born second bishop of New York John Connolly, Irish blogger and activist responsible for critically damaging the presidential campaign of Irish Senator David Norris John Connolly, American imprisoned former FBI agent John Connolly, retired Irish hurler John Connolly, Irish footballer John Connolly, American doctor from Pennsylvania, agent of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, active during the American Revolution John Connolly, American musician with Sevendust John Connolly, Australian former head coach of the Australia national rugby union team John Connolly, Scottish football player and manager John Joseph Connolly, Canadian parliamentarian and law professor John L. Connolly, Canadian merchant and political figure in Nova Scotia, Canada John P. Connolly, American actor John P. Connolly, British Chairman of Deloitte John R. Connolly, American city councillor at-large of Boston, Massachusetts

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